It started in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada When Henry Feil met and married Augusta(Gussy) Hertel. They left Kitchener, moving from place to place where Mr. Feil worked his way to a good job as a foreman at a button factory in Poughkeepsee, New York, At about that time the Great Northern Railway was soliciting for people to come to North Central Washington's fruit growing area to grow fruit and create a freight haul to eastern markets. After reading the promotion brochure, the Feils decided to get out of the hustle bustle of city life and came west with their children, bought some land and planted an orchard, the year was 1908. Since the time from planting a tree to it bearing fruit is about ten years, Mr. Feil worked as carpenter and house painter, he was a master painter mixing his own paints, there was good demand for his painting skills and had little trouble finding work . For more income they planted vegetables and melons between the tree rows and peddled the produce in Wenatchee.

  Starting the orchard required going to the river with a stone boat(skid) filling the barrels with water from the river and watering the newly planted trees with a bucket. Several years later the families in the area cooperatively bought a pump powered by a benzine fueled engine called a pop johnny. Pipe lines were laid and the orchard was irrigated by rills or ditches.

 When the trees started bearing fruit, the apples were polished by hand and packed directly in the orchard. Returns were good so in 1917 the Feils built a large two story house that is still occupied and stands directly behind the roadside fruit stand at the present time. The orchard was doing good, but in 1922 Mr. Feil had an accident while working on the well, he received severe electric shock and was unable to return to the orchard and passed away later that year. Augusta and her youngest son, Clarence continued the operation.

 Because the orchard was adjacent to the a major east west highway, U S 2 travelers, seeing fruit on the trees would stop and ask Mrs. Feil if they could buy some fruit. being an obliging person, she would go to the orchard and pick some fruit. It became so common that she took an apple box making bench, covered it with oil cloth ehrn and took some tree props, erecting a crude structure over the stand and covered it with a bed sheet for shade. She displayed the fruit in rolled down paper bags. Business was good and that was the start of Feil's Fruit Stand. Then came the Great Depression, fruit prices fell to the point that the orchard was no longer profitable. Clarence left to find employment elsewhere. Augusta's eldest son, who owned an adjacent orchard was also in the same situation. It was decision time for Harold, he decided to give up his orchard to keep the original home orchard as there were several acres of cherries, they were profitable enough to cover orchard costs,still Harold and his wife, Clara had to take outside jobs to cover living expenses.

 In the late 1940's, apple growing became profitable once again. They then bought a small apple orchard and that made it possible for them to quit their outside jobs. Harold took the orchard responsibilities while Clara operated the fruit stand. Things were again going well but in 1965, Harold suffered a fatal heart attack. Jack their youngest son, who had been helping in the orchard, took over the fruit growing operation while his mother continued to tend the fruit stand. Eventually, because of arthritic pain and old age, she hired help to wait on customers but under her watchful eye. Clara passed away in 1998 at age 90. Jack's wife,Delaphine who had been helping at the fruit stand took over sole responsibilities of that business. It was easy for her to wait on customers, she had a delightful personality and the fruit stand thrived under her management. It was a 7:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M.task and became overbearing, so she hired and trained one of our faithful orchard workers, Octavio Torres, to take over management of the fruit stand operation. Delaphine passed away in 2012, Jack then became the over all supervisor and that's the way it is to this time, 2017.